Swing Left Canvassing Bus


Swing Left + A4D

What an amazing event. THANK YOU to all of you who showed up and knocked on OVER 2000 door on Sunday November 4th for Katie Porter in District 45. Thank you to Night Gallery, Blum and Poe, Wilding Cran Gallery, and Ochi Projects for generously sponsoring buses and breakfast for the volunteers. Studies show that the most effective way to get people to the polls is to connect with them in person. In the final days before the midterm elections, Artists for Democracy and Swing Left spurred volunteer activity to do just that -- and we to spoke directly to prospective voters in the places where it mattered most. And we helped to swing a red seat blue!! Many volunteers expressed that they were scared to canvass and were able to do it for the first time because of the event, and that they will now volunteer again going forward! Great news for our Democracy.

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